Activities for children

Activities for children
Beach games

Multiple activities on the edge of our large sandy beach delight both young and old.

Cake workshop

97% of children love to cook, we are sure that your child is one of them.

Fencing – archery

Introduction to safe fencing and archery.

Kid’s show

Dance and costumed performance on the big stage.

Mini Disco

A moment of dance and fun just for them with the entertainers.

Music workshop

A playful and sensorial musical awakening by listening and manipulating various funny little instruments.

Nature Art

Children get to keep photo frames, pottery and so many other workshops as souvenirs.

Painting on body

Let your child discover the pleasure of drawing and painting on the body.


The experience of gardening through the cultivation of a space that respects the ecosystem and biodiversity.


A pony ride in an original western themed circuit (from 2 years old). At Ranch Saint Jean.

Rallye Snapchat

Course combining photo and social media challenges, to prevail in pairs or as a team, the choice is yours.

Sandcastle contest

Digging holes in the sand, filling them with water, drawing sticking shells, everything is good in order to create the most beautiful castle!

Sports tournaments

2 multisports fields adapted for sports meetings for all levels.

Sérignan Lanta

A delirious confrontation of tests and challenges more fun than the others in the open air.

Towed buoy

The juniors will go to the sea and try to stay as long as possible on this raging banana.

Scientific experiment

Will the kids believe it’s magic? But no, it’s just science!!!